Ongoing projects

  1. Ecological restoration and agro diversity conservation at College of Agriculture, Vellayani
  2. Identification, creation of database, propagation, conservation, and value addition of native wild edible varieties of leafy vegetables, tubers, fruits, pulses, edible mushrooms etc
  3. Ex situ conservatories of red listed species
  4. Invasive alien species of Kerala- status and strategies for control and management of priority species in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem


Completed projects

  1. Tradable bioresources of Kerala and Economic valuation
    • Executive Summary-Tradable bioresources of Kerala and Economic valuation
    • Tradable bioresources of Kerala and Economic valuation
    • Tradable aquatic bioresources of Kerala
    • Tradable floral bioresources of Kerala
    • Case studies of sustainable use of biodiversity
    • Checklist of bioresources and bioresources based industries.
  2. Conservation of Agrodiversity
  3. Pamba riverine biodiversity rejuvenation
  4. Threatened animals of Kerala
  5. Threatened flora of Kerala
  6. Threatened aquatic fauna of Kerala
  7. Munnar Landscape Project
    • Documentation and compilation of existing information on various taxa (Flora and Fauna), and identification of critical gaps in knowledge in the GEF-Munnar landscape project area.
    • Review of ecological and development history of various sectors and changesin selected ecological units in GEF Munnar landscape project area
  8. Ecosystem service valuation of marine and coastal ecosystem in Kadalundi Community Reserve of Kerala
  9. Resource Augmentation, Sustainable Harvesting and Value Addition of Medicinal Plant Resources through Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC)
  10. Genetic Diversity Conservation and Population Study of Selected Notified Endangered Plant Species of Western Ghats Region of Kerala
  11. Assessment of capacity gaps pertaining to agrobiodiversity and identify opportunities to mitigate impacts of current practices of agriculture and allied sectors on agrobiodiversity conservation, management and use.
  12. Strengthening Local – Self Governments to integrate Biodiversity Conservation in the local development plans -Phase II          

          Strengthening Local – Self Governments to integrate Biodiversity Conservation in the local       development plans through Participatory Action -Phase I  

  1. Rivers, Lakes, Ponds and Wetlands of Kerala
    1. Part I
    2. Part II
  2. Floral Diversity of Armed Police Camps in Kerala – A rapid assessment
  3. Sacred groves of Kerala
  4. Biodiversity of Pookode lake
  5. Biodiversity of Vellayani lake
  6. Contamination status of Rivers in Kerala: Fish as an Indicator
  7. Monsoon flood plain fishery
  8. Monitoring of Fish Diversity in Rivers of Kerala
    > River Fish Monitoring Survey of Bharathapuzha Upper Catchment Area, Kerala
    > Fish Monitoring Survey of Bharathapuzha and Thuthapuzha Rivers, Kerala
  9. Diversity and Community Structure of Ground Surface dwelling arthropods in the agroecosystems of Kerala
  10. Wetland Biodiversity Enhancement Through Sustainable Utilization of Wetland Resources (Formulation of A Model Wetland Management Programme for the Kole Wetlands)- Diversity and Abundance of Plankton and Benthic Fauna of Maranchery Wetland. 
  11. Agrobiodiversity Enhancement Programme – Study on Benthic Fauna and Soil Chemistry of Selected Wetlands in Palakkad, Kerala.
  12. Comparative Studies of Flora (Mainly Herbs and Shrubs)- In an Agro-Ecosystem adapted to Organic and Chemical Farming (In Padetti, Erimayur, Palakkad District, Kerala)