Right to Information Act – 2005 (Link) :https://rtiportal.kerala.gov.in/


Name & Designation of Officer (s) Designated post
Appellate Authority
Dr. V. Balakrishnan
Member Secretary

State Public Information Officer
Dr. Vimalkumar C S
Principal Scientific Officer
State Assistant Public Information Officer 



Name & Designation of Officer(s) Phone Number
with STD Code
Mobile Number Fax E-mail
Appellate Authority
0471-2724740 0471-2722234 kerala.sbb@kerala.gov.in
State Public Information Officer
0471-2724740 0471-2722234 kerala.sbb@kerala.gov.in
State Assistant Public Information Officer
0471-2724740 0471-2722234 kerala.sbb@kerala.gov.in


Documents available under Section 4(1) of the Right to Information Act,2005

(i) Particulars of its organization, functions and duties


Functions & Duties

The major function of the State Biodiversity Board is to advise the State Government on any guidelines issued by the Central Government on matters relating to the conservation of biodiversity. SBB also advocates for sustainable use of biological resources and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of the utilisation of these resources.

The Board has the authority to grant approvals on requests for commercial utilisation or bio-survey and bio-utilisation of any biological resource by Indians. The Board also performs functions necessary to carry out the provisions of the Biodiversity Act or as prescribed by the State Government. The functions, objectives and strategies of the Kerala State Biodiversity Board reflect on the recitals to the Biological Diversity Act 2002 under which the Board is constituted.

(ii) Powers & Duties of its Officers and Employees

Powers of Chairman and Member secretary

             Kerala biological Diversity Rules 2008 page 4 to 8

Duties of Employees

Administrative Officer

  • Overall administration and co ordination of the office
  • Drawing and Disbursing power for all financial transactions


Finance Officer

  • Control and supervise of all money transactions
  • Liaison with Government for fund approval for running the Board

Principal Scientific Officer (Research-ABS-Legal)

  • Overall co-ordination of Research-ABS-Legal Division & RKI- tradable bioresources Project , scrutining and evaluation of R&D Projects of KSBB /received from other agencies and request for fellowships.

Principal Scientific Officer (Extension):

  • Overall co ordination of Extension Division.
  • Overall supervision of KSBB Museum.
  • e-newsletter

Scientific Officer

  • Overall co-ordination of Conservation Division & RKI-Pampa Project
  • LBSAP (2022-23 Plan project)
  • Board meetings
  • Sub committee meetings

Technical Assistant

  • Handling of all matters pertaining to Plan Scheme.
  • Preparation and furnishing of Action Taken Reports to Govt. especially on Budget Speech, Governor’s Address, Legislative Committee etc.
  • Recruitment of Project Staff.
  • All matters related to Right to Information Act.
  • Preparation and submission of Annual Report of Kerala State Biodiversity Board to Government.

(iii) Procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability

KSBB is governed by Board of Members consisting of five Non Official Members and five ex –officio members. Board meetings presided over by the Chairman will discuss the issues and challenges and the decision of the Board is taken by a single majority of the members present. The decisions made by the Board will be implemented through Members Secretary assisted by Administrative Officer, Finance Officer, Principal Scientific Officer, Scientific Officer and other administrative and Technical staff.

(v) Rules, Regulations, instructions, manuals, records, used by employees for discharging its functions

Biological Diversity Act, 2002, Rules, 2004 and Kerala State Biological Diversity Rules, 2008.

(ix) Directory of its officers and employees (uploaded in the KSBB website)

(xii) Manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including amounts allotted and details of beneficiaries of such programmes

     No subsidy programmes

(xiii) Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by the Board

Approval for access to bioresources is uploaded in the procedure of ABS under the citizen charter in the KSBB website

(xiv) Details in respect of the information available to or held by Board reduced in an electronic form

Annual Report of the Board and research study reports are uploaded in the KSBB Website.

(xv) Particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information

The KSBB website has details of services offered by the Board, procedure for ABS, filing online complaints facility and details about access to Biodiversity Museum uploaded in the citizen charter

(xvi) The names, designations and other particulars of the public information officers

Details uploaded in the Board website under Right to Information Act



Bank details of KSBB for remittance of fee:

State Bank of India, Pettah Branch

A/c No. 67299387534