A Concise Report on Biodiversity Loss Due to 2018 Flood in Kerala 
Thematic Expert Committee Meeting Report Held on February 17, 2020
Report of the final National Workshop
Thematic Expert Committee Meeting Report Held on March 1st, 2019
12th Children's Biodiversity Congress- Report

Impact of Flood/Landslides on Biodiversity : Community Perspective

11th Children's Biodiversity Congress -Report

Munnar Landscape Project- First Year Progress Report
Urban Environment Restoration and Ecotourism in Aduppukoottan Para Quarry, Peroorkada
Eco Restoration and Water Harvesting in Abandoned Quarries
Biodiversity Conservation of River Pampa
Contamination Status of Rivers in Kerala : Fish as an Indicator
Management of Aquatic Invasive species in Pampa Riverine System with Special Emphasis to Cabomba
Report on Monitoring of Fish Diversity in Rivers of Kerala
Diversity and Community Structure of Ground Surface dwelling arthropods in the agroecosystems of Kerala
Iringole Kavu: A Potential Biodiversity Heritage Site in Kerala
River Fish Monitoring Survey of Bharathapuzha Upper Catchment Area, Kerala
Fish Monitoring Survey of Bharathapuzha and Thuthapuzha Rivers, Kerala
Fish Monitoring Survey of Bharani River
Conolly's Teak Plantation: A Potential Biodiversity Heritage Site in Kerala- A study Report
Fish and Fisheries in Vembanad Lake. Consolidated Report of Vembanad Fish Count 2008-2011
Abundance and Feeding habits of the Chaborus larvae - A case study in Sasthamkotta lake System, Kerala
Wetland Biodiversity Enhancement  Through Sustainable Utilization of Wetland Resources (Formulation of A Model Wetland Management Programme for the Kole Wetlands)- Diversity and Abundance of Plankton and Benthic Fauna of Maranchery Wetland.
Agrobiodiversity Enhancement Programme - Study on Benthic Fauna and Soil Chemistry of Selected Wetlands in Palakkad, Kerala.
Comparative Stuudies of Flora (Mainly Herbs and Shrubs)- In an Agro-Ecosystem adapted to Organic and Chemical Farming (In Padetti, Erimayur, Palakkad District, Kerala)





Rivers, Lakes, Ponds and Wetlands of Kerala- 
Kerala State Biodiversity Board & Kerala Forest Research Institute

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