KSBB - Urban Biodiversity Conservation Programme

The Kerala State Biodiversity Board is actively involved in the process of conservation of the State Biodiversity.  One of the major activities of the Board is the Urban Biodiversity Conservation Programme. The idea is to promote the conservation of urban natural ecosystem, ponds and other water bodies, planting and protecting the tree cover and bring more of eco friendly approaches in the cities through BMCs of Corporation and Residential Associations. This project is being implemented in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation area.

Guidelines for Eco-restoration of Urban and Rural Ponds

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As a part of this programme the following ponds are already revitalized by using the Plan fund of KSBB.

1. Mangannoorkonam pond, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram
2. Thoppilkulam, Near M.G.College, Nalanchira, Thiruvananthapuram
3. Chadiyara pond, Poojappura.P.O, Thiruvananthapuram
4. NCC Pond, Nalanchira, Thiruvananthapuram

Four new ponds are selected for this scheme and the process is going on.

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