Conservation of Farm Animal Diversity

Conservation of High Range Dwarf Cattle

The High Range Dwarf cow is an endemic breed of Kerala. It is small in size and yields milk up to two litres .This breed has more lifespan also. The project for conservation of this cattle was entrusted to BMC of Elappully Grama Panchayat by KSBB. Arrangement of infrastructure for rearing the cattle has been completed under the project.

Conservation of Cheruvally and Vechur Cattle

The native breeds of Kerala have low feed requirements, high resistance to foot and mouth disease and mastitis and are strong and well adapted for the hot, humid tropical climate of Kerala. The Vechur cattle and Cheruvally cattle of Kerala, once popular and known for their dwarf size and high adaptability had become almost extinct by 1980’s. This was due to cross breeding policies coupled with farmer’s preference for hybrid cows yielding more milk. Conservation and genetic improvement of Vechur and Cheruvalli cattle was implemented by the Vechur Conservation Trust with the financial support of KSBB.